Commissioned to Love: Jubilee Action Network movement began in memory of the Silver Jubilee of Diocese of Kalyan. There are 18 volunteers catering the destitute on the streets. In 18 months JAN gave shelter to 40 destitute to various care homes.

  - JAN Volunteer is an Ambassador of God for Humanity

  - JAN Volunteer works for the Greater Glory of God and Service of Humanity.

  - JAN is Love led movement by the Diocese of Kalyan

  - JAN volunteer works in collaboration with various stakeholders, Local Parish Priest, Police, other religious communities & like minded people.

  - A JAN volunteer must abide by the guidance given from Kalyan Diocesan Social Action KDSA - Karunya Trust in collaboration with Nodal/ Parish Chairperson.

  - All legal matters should be consulted to KDSA- KT central office as well as nodal chairperson before any action.

  - JAN volunteer is not allowed to take any remuneration for any kind of service from beneficiaries. The donation or gifts must be given to common fund of KDSA- KT & acknowledged with receipt.

  - JAN cater only the destitute with special consideration to Women, Children & mentally disturbed.

  - JAN Volunteer must attend the quarterly refection day without failure

  - JAN volunteer should wear Identity card given from KDSA-KT, during the service