1. Gyansathi (Project Tenure : 2011 ??? Ongoing, Beneficiaries: 200 children & their families, Supported by: HCDI Pune) :-

    It is a Community development programmed for the child ragpicker. This project is to empower the ragpicking children residing at the Deonar Dumping yard at Govandi, Mumbai by providing them Non-formal education, Providing supplementary nutrition, psycho social care, Formation of children support groups, Health care, Community mobilization, and Ability training.   
  2. Care & Support for the Children HIV/ AIDS infected and affected (Project Tenure : 2007 - 2011, Beneficiaries: 1332 children, Supported by: India HIV/ AIDS Alliance & CRS Mumbai):-

    Community based care and support program for the affected and infected children by providing nutrition supplement, educational support and alternative livelihood options.
  3. Community Based care and support to People living with HIV/ AIDS (PLHAS):-

    (Project Tenure: 2005 - 2010, Beneficiaries: 1695 PLHAS, Supported by: CRS and Karunya Trust) :- Provided Awareness on HIV/ AIDS, Counseling & Medical support for PLHAS. Also involved in training for Caregivers and Formation of CBOs.  
  4. Gyandeep: (Project Tenure : 1998 - Ongoing, Beneficiaries: 6636 children, Supported by: Karunya Trust) :-

    The Trust runs various types of educational programmes for the children under different schemes which include Initial Study Help, Sponsorship Programme and Scholarship Programme