What we Do

For over 13 years we have been working to improve the health seeking behavior of the community. Karunya Trust is educating people about environmental, physical, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual health.

This thrust of Karunya Trust focuses on United Nations Millennium Development Goals : "Combats HIV / AIDS, Malaria and Other Diseases."

Jeevashradha: targent intervention program - targetting 13,000 Migrants in Thane City

Goal of the Project : To halt & reverse the HIV/AIDS epidemic among the Migrant population by saturating their coverage and providing quality services for their sexual health needs.


  1. To map and enumerate the Migrant population
  2. To ensure interpersonal communication for behavior change among migrants
  3. To promote the effective usage of condoms and ensure availability and accessibility of the same among the Migrant population
  4. To provide counseling, early diagnoses and treatment for STI and referrals for STI and HIV.
  5. To build capacity of staff, peer leaders and service providers in implementing strategies and sustaining the programs.
  6. To create enabling environment through Advocacy & Networking with stakeholders in the   project area.