Karunya Trust based on its mission, strategy and its core issues has set its objectives which will serve as guideline and direction for the future development interventions and processes. These objectives will be further broken down into goals. The objectives are enumerated below;

1. To enhance the human dignity of the needy and marginalized through the process of empowerment.

2. To strengthen the nodal centres in our parishes and enhance their participation in the development process.

3. To form volunteer groups and action groups at the urban and rural grassroot level.

4. To promote networks with like-minded FBOs, NGOs within our operational area.

5. To promote advocacy and lobbying on our core issues with policy makers, local administration, media.

6. To collaborate with Academic institutes and other professional institutes to conduct policy research, analysis, documentation and communication.

7. To promote leadership at individual level and community level.

8. To develop Alliances with civil society to address people issues.

9. To Collaborate and Partnership with Funding bodies, Corporates, Development Institutions, Government Agencies, individual philanthropists and other NGOs in addressing people issues.

10. To promote Capacity building among the staff, FBOs, nodal centres, other NGOs, and various stakeholders on development issues.

11. To mobilise resources (financial, human, structural etc) at local, national, and international level through projects and schemes.

12. To promote good governance at local level.

13. To promote integrated and sustainable education among various stakeholders.

14. To promote preventive, sustainable, curative health care and services through holistic approach.

15. To promote sustainable, livelihood interventions depending on people's needs and capacities.

16. To enhance local governance through active participation and leadership of local communities.

17. To promote healthy environment through restoration, regeneration and preservation of natural resources and addressing the disaster issues.