Today people from Chone village are rejoicing that drinking water available very easily at their Doorstep. Till 1 months ago women`s from the Chone village at Ambernath use to go up to 1.5 km and bring drinking water for the family. It was very tiring to bring water from the well walking for such a long distance and during summers it used to be very difficult. Women from the village discussed about this problem during the SHG meetings and approached Gram panchayat by submitting the application for a borewell, but the response was disappointing. The SHG members approached Karunya Trust for support and a meeting was held to discuss the repairing of the Borewell to reduce water problem. With the help of the Karunya Trust staff members the community members received the Non Obligation Certificate (NOC) from the Gram Panchayat and the community members decided to work voluntarily for the repair of the Borewell. Finally repair work of the Borewell was completed and a 5000 Liters water tank was connected to the Borewell. Now villagers in Chone have easy access to drinking water.

Today SUJAL PROJECT is solving water problems from many more villages like Chone in Ambernath.